013: Are You In Danger? Users Beware of These Antibiotics: Cipro, Levaquin, Noroxin, Factive, Floxin and Avelox


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In this Episode of The Journey To Wellness, Dr. Joe Hudak discusses Fluoroquinolone Toxicity with Rachel Brummert-Day of the Fluoroquinolone Vigilance Foundation.  This class of drugs include Cipro, Levaquin, Noroxin, Factive, Floxin, Avelox. These drugs are very dangerous and everyone needs to be informed.

012: Edison, NJ Chiropractors Explain How Chiropractic Can Increase Your Libido


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In today’s episode, two Edison, NJ Chiropractors, Dr. Joe Hudak and Dr. Jeff Tuzzo get a little saucy and answer the big question of, “What Does Chiropractic Have To Do With Your Libido?”  With 15-20% of the male population experiencing ED (erectile dysfunction) and over 40% of the female popluation having little to no desire for sex, Libido is a hot topic and an important one. In this episode of The Journey To Wellness, Dr. Hudak and Dr. Tuzzo will give a medical explanation and a chiropractic ecxplanation as to how Chiropractic can help solve this problem.

010: An Edison, NJ Chiropractor Explains How To Go From Scarcity To Abundance


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In this episode, Dr. Joe Hudak, an Edison, NJ Chiropractor interviews Dr. Rick Markson, Life and Business Coach and Co-Founder of the Markson Connection on how to achieve an abundance mindset even in the face of adversity.  All successful people have achieved this mindset in their life.  Learn the secrets of the masters and how you too can have an abundance mindset.

006: Edison, NJ Chiropractor Speaks The Truth About Vaccine Safety, Jimmy Kimmel and Informed Choice with Dr. Susan Mitchell

Dr. Susan Mitchell is a Doctor of Chiropractic and has been educating parents on raising healthy families naturally for over 18 years.  She also travels the United States training other doctors on how to educate their communities to do the same. She is very passionate about helping parents make informed decisions.

005: Edison, NJ Chiropractor Gets Real With Anthony Monetti, Natural Body Building Champion

At age 13 Anthony Monetti began his natural body building journey. As a hyperactive child he learned early own that building his body through weight training was going to be his drug of choice. Anthony has won numerous titles and awards since 1995. Anthony shares tips and strategies to get healthy and remain fit.